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Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) is described as an atypical presentation or profile of autism.  Also known as Extreme Demand Avoidance or Pervavise Drive for Autonomy.  

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Who Can Help?

Support & Interest Groups

A private Facebook group for Perth/WA parents of PDA kids, adolescents and young adults. This wonderful community exists to share any info and support that might be useful to each other on this rocky road. Please invite your partners and other PDA parents to join us – but remind them they need to answer the membership questions! 

Paediatricians, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Teachers, EA’s, OT’s, Speechies, Physio’s and any other professionals interested in start children and families! This group was created to share information and resources on working with and supporting autistic students/children/young adults with a PDA profile or presentation.Please share your ideas on what’s working (and what isn’t!), any questions for other professionals or parents, useful resources and websites etc. This is a non-judgemental, supportive community.

PDA-Aware Autism Assessments

Not all practitioners recognise PDA.  These practitioners have self-identified as having an awareness of and recognising PDA presentations. 

PDA-Aware Practitioners

What's On

Free Downloads

WA Autism Parents' Handbook

Your essential guide to services and support in Western Australia.

Support Strategies to Try at School for Students with a Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) Profile

This “cheat sheet” for educators has been collated and shared by Heidi Brandis who is a PDA Parent, former OT, author of the WA Autism Parent Handbook plus many more.

Declarative Language Cheat Sheet

Free Declarative Language Cheat Sheet is available to download from the Raising PDA Kids website.


What’s on the Bookshelf

Resources to help

Website created by a Mum of a PDA child and OT that includes access to:

  • 10 Week Online Mother’s Group
  • Online training for professionals.

PDA / ADHD / Autism training and webinars.

Alternative education program based in Perth CBD and Peel.