There’s a few things to know before you get in touch.  

The main one is that I’m a Perth Mum who started compiling this information to help Perth families.  This is something I tend to work on around my own children’s needs and appointments, which at the moment keeps me very busy.  

There is not a team, media empire or others putting this together.

I am NOT a doctor, health professional, teacher or someone who can give you qualified, proffessional advice.  

  I am just one Mum trying to help other parents by sharing what she finds in one easily accessible place.

Please be generous with your patience, thank you.

Pia x

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m so sorry, I’m not a paediatric practice or doctor – just a mum who collates information to try and help other Perth families to find those who can support them now. Your GP should always be your first point of contact if you have any concerns about your child’s development or mental wellbeing. The Perth Kids Hub directory can help you find those who are accepting new clients.

I’m so sorry, I cannot respond to individual requests for recommendations on paediatricians or updates on availability.  In fairness to everyone, I share what I find on the website.  I recommend signing up to the newsletter on the Perth Kids Hub website to receive updates on availability.  

You can read the advice from the Minister for Health and Mental Health here on what to do:

If your safety or that of your child is at risk, call 000.  Attendance at a hospital emergency department may be necessary.  Crisis contacts are available here and please do let me know if you think there are others that should be included.

You can submit your listing details via the website at:

Send a message here >

Please DO NOT send referrals.  I am not a paediatric practice.