Perth Kids Hub is a website that helps parents find *amazing* kids' therapists, specialists and schools.

What if finding help for your child was easier?

Perth parents are desperate for appointments with paediatricans and child & adolescent psychiatrists for assessment and support of conditions such as autism, anxiety and ADHD.

Parents are ringing 20-30 clinics only to find that waitlists are 1-2 years long.  If they can even get on a waitlist.  Most have closed their books to new referrals.

And it’s just as hard to get into paediatric allied health professionals like occupational therapists, speech pathologists, psychologists and physiotherapists.

Why is it that we expect the most stretched and stressed families to jump through the most hoops to find support? 

And while this can seem like *just* a health issue it isn’t.  

It’s an education issue, a social equity issue, an economic issue, a disability issue.

It impacts families – their wellbeing, mental health, finances, relationships, employment, friendships and siblings.

my why

To make it easier for families concerned about their child to quickly find support and services.

Because two year waitlists suck.

I know what its like to have an incredible team to help your child figure out their amazing-ness, how their brain and body works and what they need to be happy and healthy. 

Everyone should have access to that kind of support when they need it.

Hi, I'm pia

I'm the human behind
Perth Kids Hub.

Wife and mum of two gorgeous curly-haired, primary-school aged kiddos.  I grew up in country WA and imported a rugby-loving husband from NSW.  

before you go...

Want families to find what you offer?

Are you a paediatric professional who provides services to support
Perth children – and their families – with child development, health and wellbeing?