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Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)

DCD is a neurodevelopmental condition affecting a person’s ability to learn and execute motor skills.  This makes it difficult to perform common, everyday tasks like doing up buttons, writing, catching a ball, riding a bike or driving.  Often called Dyspraxia.

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Who Can Help?

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what is dcd?

This is an easy to understand overview of what DCD is and how it can create challenges at school, home and during play created as an e-learning module by the fabulous Canadian CanChild.

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Resources to help

This information sheet explains what DCD is, the difficulties teachers may observe in the classroom and playground, how to support these difficulties and recommendations for teachers should they be concerned about a child’s movement.

This information sheet for educators explains why handwriting for children with DCD can be challenging, classroom strategies and accommodations that may be helpful.

Specially developed for educators this information sheet provides practical ideas on how to make a classroom more accessible for a child with DCD.

A fantastic book to help your child understand their diagnosis.

Perth researcher Dr Melissa Licari is interviewed on the ResearchWorks podcast about the findings on the impact of DCD as told by Australian parents.  Check out episode 25.

PhD Candidate Amy Roubaix presented at the 2023 EACD Conference.

Useful Websites

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Developmental Coordination Disorder Australia aims to improve the lives of those affected by DCD by raising awareness, and providing and education and support.

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