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The Kids Hub is your rural paediatric health hub helping you find the supports,
resources and services you need for your child, wherever you live in Australia.  

And we’re starting off with the Great Southern Region of Western Australia.

the kids hub

Perth Kids Hub X The Darcy Effect have teamed up to pilot a new concept:
The Kids Hub.

Our aim is to help rural and regional families easily access services to support their child’s development and wellbeing *wherever* they live in Australia.

We are kicking off with a pilot for Western Australia’s Great Southern Region to prove to ourselves that it works and is helpful. 

Come join us!

The Darcy Effect x perth kids hub

Who are we?

i'm kate

Hello there! I’m Kate, a mother of three, wife, farmer & teacher. My mission is to create a positive impact in rural and regional Australia.

My journey began with a life-changing experience with our youngest son, Darcy, which ignited a passion within me to advocate for bridging the gap in rural health and education.

I firmly believe that by fostering positive relationships, we can minimise this gap.

As a parent, I understand firsthand the unique challenges of accessing support and obtaining a diagnosis for your child, especially in rural areas where resources may be limited. The geographical and emotional isolation only adds to these challenges.

That’s why I am thrilled to collaborate with Pia, as together, we aim to assist more families like ours and make their journey a little bit easier. You are not alone on the roller coaster. X 

i'm pia

Hey there!  I’m Pia, mum of two gorgeous curly-haired kiddos.  I grew up in country WA and imported a rugby-loving husband from NSW. 

Ten years ago our lives changed when we found out our baby would be born with a heart defect.  We have since seen (seemingly) every kind of paediatric specialist and allied health practitioner in Perth. 

In 2021 I started collating and sharing lists of paediatricians and allied health professionals to help stressed families out.  It’s now grown into Perth Kids Hub, an online platform connecting families with therapists and doctors. 

When Kate and I found each other, we knew we needed to team up to extend that same help to families in rural and regional Australia.  

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