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Aug 14
Is there such a thing as ‘too old’ to co-sleep with your child? The research might suprise you

Sarah Blunden, CQUniversity Australia Clueless actor Alicia Silverstone recently told a podcast she co-sleeps with her 11-year-old son, explaining she is “just following nature”. “Bear and I still sleep together,” […]

Aug 08
Is it anxiety or ADHD, or both? How to tell the difference and why it matters

How to tell if it's anxiety, ADHD or both and why it matters for treatment.

Aug 08
I think my child has anxiety. What are the treatment options?

A variety of child anxiety treatments are on offer, yet not all treatments are the same or should be considered equal.

Aug 07
What is FPIES and are more babies getting it?

What is food protein-induced entercolitis syndrome or FPIES? And are more babies getting it?