Tag: Waitlists

Mar 14
Is it ADHD? Rule these conditions out first

There are several conditions that can mimic or exacerbate the symptoms of ADHD so it's worth ruling these conditions out before being referred to a paediatrician for an ADHD assessment.

Dec 03
Help for country families to find paediatric services they need

Finding help just got easier for families living in Western Australia's Great Southern region with the launch of a pilot rural paediatric health hub.

Jul 28
Why you need to know about conditions that often show up with ADHD

ADHD often shows up with an entourage of co-occuring conditions that can complicate diagnosis and treatment. Common co-occurring conditons include autism, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Specific Learning Disorders, epilepsy, eating disorders and migraines.

Jul 26
Paediatricians: No wait, interstate?

Another parent has just told you they got an interstate paediatrician appointment within three weeks, diagnosis and medications. Is it legit or too good to be true?

Jun 22
One-off or brief therapy programs offer support to families on long waitlists

Get help sooner with these allied health professionals offering specially designed consultations for families on waitlists.

May 03
Q & A: Is anyone accepting new patient referrals for a 3 year old?

I thought I might start posting some of the Q&As that I get in the hope that it can help more than one person to access this kind of information. […]

May 02
The Department of Health responds with their advice …

After contacting every paediatrician in Western Australia I wanted to know what the official advice was for families. I emailed our Minister for Health and Mental Health and asked for […]

Mar 26
Q&A: Can I take my child to an interstate paediatrican?

Can my child see a paediatrician interstate for diagnosis – either by flying there or via telehealth? Advice from the Department of Health as at 14 March 2023: The Medicines and […]

Mar 23
How can we reduce the backlog and wait times to see a paediatrician?

Perth’s paediatric practices answer questions on what might help fast track access to child development services in Western Australia.

Sep 26
Paediatrician gone AWOL? Here’s what to do.

Has your paediatrician suddenly closed their doors or can't be contacted? Here's what you to do now for medication or a referral.