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Mar 19
10,000 WA kids wait two years to see a paediatrician

10,000 WA kids are waiting up to two years to see a paediatrician while the premier splashes cash around in short-sighted handouts.

Mar 14
You don’t need to fly interstate to see a paediatrician

WA families finally have some good news when it comes to the two plus year long waitlists for paediatricians for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. A change to the […]

Mar 12
Iron infusions now available for kids & teens with chronic iron deficiency

The Garden Family Medical Clinic has introduced paediatric iron infusions to their clinic in response to parents struggling to address iron deficiency through oral treatments. GP Dr Andrew Leech said, “We recognise […]

Feb 27
What funding is available at WA schools to support students with disability?

There are two types of supplementary funding provided to support students with disability: the Individual Disability Allocation (IDA) and the Educational Adjustment Allocation (EAA).

Dec 03
Help for country families to find paediatric services they need

Finding help just got easier for families living in Western Australia's Great Southern region with the launch of a pilot rural paediatric health hub.

Aug 16
5 kid-friendly breakfast options to front load calories before ADHD medication kicks in

Breakfast is usually the best time of the day for your child to eat as much as possible before the ADHD medication kicks in – so make the most of it.

Aug 14
15 minutes and $5 to screen for ADHD, autism, anxiety, PTSD, dyslexia and more: a review of the PsychProfiler screening tool

A review of the PsychProfiler tool Formal assessments are expensive, so how do you know if this is something you should look into? I recently tried out a screening tool […]

Aug 01
The Vyvanse shortage: what to do if you can’t get your meds

There is a shortage in Perth of a popular ADHD medication - here's what to do if you can't get your meds.