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May 23
A list of Perth’s PDA-informed providers to support your child & family

Finding PDA-informed therapists can be challenging.  Here are a list of Perth therapists and providers who are PDA-informed and able to support your child, teen and family. Balance to Connect […]

Aug 08
More children than ever are struggling with developmental concerns. We need to help families connect and thrive.

Unsplash, CC BY Andrew Whitehouse, The University of Western Australia Early childhood has received a great deal of attention in recent weeks, as Australia has sought to understand ways to […]

Aug 08
Is it anxiety or ADHD, or both? How to tell the difference and why it matters

How to tell if it's anxiety, ADHD or both and why it matters for treatment.

Aug 08
I think my child has anxiety. What are the treatment options?

A variety of child anxiety treatments are on offer, yet not all treatments are the same or should be considered equal.

Jul 28
Why you need to know about conditions that often show up with ADHD

ADHD often shows up with an entourage of co-occuring conditions that can complicate diagnosis and treatment. Common co-occurring conditons include autism, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Specific Learning Disorders, epilepsy, eating disorders and migraines.

May 21
Perth’s best schools for anxious kids

Find Perth's schools that are supportive and inclusive of anxious kids, as nominated by Perth parents and teachers.