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Wild Creative Australia


Wild Creative is run by art and eco therapist, homeschooling mother of two, musician and kids yoga teacher (in training) Kate Andrews.

Kate understands firsthand how some of the educational systems for children don’t always support who they are or how they learn which can lead to issues around self esteem and lack of confidence.

Each Wild Creative program and workshop offers children tangible, holistic tools to support their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health as they develop.

We live in a time of our children experiencing unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety and mental health issues.
Utilising the natural environment as co regulator we help children safeguard their wellbeing.

Wild Creative places deep value on experiential learning.
We encourage creative thinking, critical enquiry, questioning and reflection through shared knowledge between mentors and children.

Nature provides an amazing resource for discoveries to unfold and be built upon organically.

Children have space to make their own discoveries offering a more profound learning experience than us telling them the outcome.


0431 347 897


School excursions and incursions
School holiday workshops and drop off programs
Drop off day programs for 6-12 year olds
Mother and daughter retreats
Empowerment circles for 8-12 year old girls
1:1 mentoring

  • 39 Britannia Road, Leederville Western Australia 6007, Australia

  • Pia
    September 7, 2023 at 6:29 am

    Our youngest started a day program with Kate from Wild Creative Australia at the beginning of this term.

    On Fridays, instead of “normal” school, she goes to Soul School from 9.30am to 1.30pm.

    While it’s been designed as a drop off program for home school students aged 5-12 years, we’ve been using it as therapy – without being therapy.

    The changes I have seen in Miss 6 in half a term are just HUGE!

    πŸ’— Increased strength
    πŸ’— Increased independence
    πŸ’— Happier
    πŸ’— More willing to open up and engage with others
    πŸ’— A new attitude of “I can do it” and “I’ll be OK”
    πŸ’— Pride in trying out new things and showing me what she can now do
    πŸ’— Communicating when she needs help or to sit out from an activity
    πŸ’— Confidence in making new friends
    πŸ’— Use of breathing and other techniques to help manage emotions.

    And it’s not just me who has noticed. Her therapists, teachers and others have all commented on the changes that I truly believe have largely come from this amazing experience.

    For $350 for a term program, it has to be the best value $ program for results that we have tried. And it’s a joy for Miss 6 to attend.

    I also love that it is largely young girls who attend and led by amazing female role models.

    Miss 6 is super excited for Friday to come around and Friday is usually our hardest day pain and fatigue wise. But she will happily attend 4 hours of movement with Kate!

    Soul School is a drop off program – so I actually get some work done in those hours which I am forever grateful for!

    And while my long suffering hubby rolled his eyes when I said I’d enrolled Miss 6, there was no hemp or dreadlocks of any of the other hippy kind of things that he teased me about. Kate is AMAZING. Highly recommend.

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