There are many wonderful things about being a sibling to a child on the autism spectrum, but there can also be challenges. Siblings play an important role in families and in the lives of autistic children. Some researchers have found that siblings of children with autism can experience heightened stress, responsibility and emotional difficulties.

At CliniKids, we offer a group program (CliniSibs) or 1:1 program (Sib Support) which are designed to support siblings of autistic children. The programs focus on supporting the sibling to understand autism better, as well as learn strategies to enhance their own wellbeing and resilience. Sib Support is facilitated by experienced psychologists.

Available via telehealth or in clinic, Sibling Support is suitable for siblings aged 7 to 12 years. The 6 x 1-hour sessions can be undertaken in a weekly, fortnightly or monthly format, at times to suit your schedule.

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