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We are a Mandurah-based paediatric-specific (ages 0-18) disability service, established to assist families of children with unique abilities to access the NDIS, optimise their existing plans, and navigate the complexities of the disability journey and ever-changing lives.

At Ripple, our service is personal. Our whole foundational team has lived experience with disability. We engage with our families as though they are members of our own. Because we know your struggles first-hand, and we believe it takes a village to raise a child. We’re here to help you grow your village of support.

NDIS Support Coordination, Tailored for Your Child’s Needs.
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Coordinating your child’s supports can be daunting and confusing. That’s where our support coordinators can help.

We only work with paediatric participants (0-18) and engage with supports appropriate to the dynamic needs of your child.

If you’re seeking to engage your first support coordinator, or looking to switch from your current one, we invite you to join our village of support and see what our tailored support coordination can offer.

One-on-One Consulting, for When You Need a Leg Up.
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Whether you are yet to receive your child’s first plan, or thoroughly seasoned in the “trenches” of the NDIS, our unique one-on-one consulting can help enrich your family’s experience.

Our head consultant (Monique) has seen it all in her lived experience as a mother and carer of a child with a disability, and this is woven through our tailored service.

We have helped families:

  • Get access to the NDIS
  • Increase their child’s NDIS budget
  • Navigate unethical service agreements
  • Transition from the ECA to the NDIS
  • Communicate with service providers more effectively
  • And so much more.

Advocacy and Report Writing. Let us handle the details.
We have yet to meet a family that enjoys the process of report writing and plan meetings, but we get fired up about these. Too many families get knocked back by the NDIS due to tiny mistakes in their reports, or because they said the wrong thing in their plan meeting.

In many cases, your reports, and plan meeting can be the difference between a $3,000 plan, and a $30,000 plan. Literally!

We bring years of lived experience with NDIS forms, report writing, and the politics of plan meetings to help you get the most out of your child’s budget.


Support Coordination
One-on-one consulting
Advoacy and report writing
Education and training

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