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I'm an experienced Speech Pathologist based in Perth with a passion for helping children communicate to the best of their ability.

My clients appreciate my warm and bubbly personality, professional integrity and open communication. I'm determined to help children and their families reach their communication goals no matter how big or small.

Being a mobile business gives me the flexibility to conduct sessions wherever may be beneficial to the client.

I believe working on communication in real life scenarios is an effective way to achieve goals, for example, doing sessions at the local playground is a great opportunity to demonstrate to parents/caregivers just how easy it is to build communication in everyday life doing everyday activities.

With years of experience working in both metro and remote parts of Australia I have gained the knowledge required to best support children and families in achieving their communication goals.

While I have experience across multiple areas of speech pathology, I have a passion for supporting nonverbal/minimally verbal children in their communication journey and giving them the correct tools to succeed.


0488 586 700

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