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NDIS Bundle: Sensory & Emotional Regulation, Behaviours & Fine Motor Skills


We are all about equipping kids to succeed at school through printable resources that empower parents, educators and therapists to confidently teach educational and life skill concepts.

This includes training & printable resources for:

- Understanding Emotional Regulation
- Managing Behaviours that Challenge
- Developing Fine Motor Skills
- Routines & Visual Schedules

Our training packs and resources include practical tools, strategies, knowledge, understanding and skills to help you and your child with additional needs to cope with managing anxiety and difficult behaviours, while more importantly helping your child to gain independence to better participate in family and community activities

Emotional Regulation:

For kids who struggle to process emotions & as a result display difficult behaviours.
Learn strategies to keep calm and well regulated, allowing your child to participate in more activities, instead of constantly managing behaviours

Understanding sensory profiles:
For kids with Sensory Processing Disorders including ASD
Learn how different sensory tools and strategies impact your child's emotional regulation and therefore behaviour
Learn strategies to manage sensory sensitivities, allowing your child more independence and increasing their ability to participate in the community

Understanding Emotions

For kids who have trouble reading, understanding and expressing emotions as well as understanding how their actions impact others around them.

Understanding and recognising emotions is key to getting emotions under control and responding to how we feel in a socially acceptable manner. If we can't recognise how we are feeling, then we dont know how to fix it or avoid it next time.

Routines and Visual Schedules

For kids who rely on routines and who get extremely upset with change

Routines require executive functioning skills, time management, working memory, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, motor planning, understanding context, problem solving

Visual schedules take away the pressure and stress of having to remember what to do and in what order, especially when there so many skills required to complete each task.

Learning how and when to use visual schedules will greatly increase your child's independence

Life Skills

So many life skills are taught in our printable resources and training including fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, crossing the midline, pincer grip, handwriting, emotional regulation, time management, executive functioning, motor planning, cooking, planning and shopping for meals, understanding body parts and so much more
These skills will help your child to become more independent and to participate in a wider range of community and self care activities

Fine Motor Skills

For kids who struggle to write, do up buttons, dress themselves, complete simple tasks like buttering bread, ruling up a page etc

Cutting, tracing, drawing and pincer grip activities will help develop finger and hand strength as well as coordination, ready for every tasks like writing, puzzles, buttons, zips etc

Bilateral coordination and crossing the midline activities will help your child to independently complete tasks with both hands working together in the centre of the body - like ruling up a page, typing shoelaces, eating with a knife & fork
Included in this Bundle



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Training (recorded) and Resources (to print and use at home)
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