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In-Sight Vision Therapy


In-Sight Vision is a specialised Low Vision Therapy service aimed at optimising residual vision in children with eye conditions and those with complex medical disorders.

We provide:

👉Functional Vision Assessments: determine visual development stage, visual capacity and range

👉Educate family, support staff, therapists and teachers about child’s vision and visual findings.

👉 Visual Development Therapy Plan: improve visual attention, promote eye coordination and movement, teach scanning techniques, encourage visual processing and awareness

👉 Modifications: at home or in school to encourage visual function

👉Low Vision Aids: prescribe and train the use of magnifiers and low vision aids & technology

👉 Functional Vision Report meeting NDIS requirements and guidelines. With recommendations for services and aids necessary

👉Collaborate with other therapists and supports to meet overall goals of child and family

We can:

⭐️Provide home or school visits ⭐️Flexible for weekend assessments and therapy ⭐️Extensive experience working with non-verbal & complex children ⭐️Experience as an NDIS participant ⭐️Experience assessing neurodivergent children ⭐️Interest in CVI


0402 870 998

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