Havenport MSL College is a non-government school based in Cockburn Central in Perth, Western Australia for boys and girls from Yr.3 – Yr.12

We believe in the benefits of an informal approach – everyone is called by their first name, there is limited uniform and there is a strong emphasis on promoting democracy at all levels of the College.

This is underpinned by the belief that all voices, from the youngest member of the Yr.3’s to the Chair of Governors, should be listened to and treated respectfully.

We think academic success is a product of overall happiness not the other way around, so we place a high value on students arriving at the College each morning looking forward to their day ahead.

Havenport MSL College prides itself on the contentedness of its students, and on each one of them reaching their own personal goals, not just a standardised notion of success.

What Makes Havenport MSL College Relevant Today?
Our foundation is based on informality.  We have no traditional hierarchical learning structure. To some, this might be considered as a fairly radical approach. However, we have seen the benefits of a collaborative, open and supportive working culture in the development of our students. Our working environment encourages them to work and achieve success, often far above that which they had thought was possible.

Many organisations, such as Apple & Google, demonstrate that successful people are just as likely to be wearing jeans and trainers as they are to be wearing a suit and tie.  Using this analogy, we encourage our students to be themselves, we help them to be proactive, interactive and, yes, reactive. Not to be constrained by those attitudes or behaviours which will diminish their enjoyment of the learning process.

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