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Great Southern Groodles

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All 2023 pups have found their homes and 50% of 2024 pups have been allocated.


Great Southern Groodles is led by a UK trained Physiotherapist, Vicky Eckersley. Vicky realised early on in her career the positive impact a trained dog can provide to children with challenges in sensory, emotional and physical regulation. With three children all in various stages of diagnosis she understands first hand the obstacles parents and caregivers are facing.

Great Southern Groodles are planned years in advance, with careful consideration to the best genetics to ensure a calm and gentle dog. The first 10 weeks of a puppy's life are fundamental to their overall personality traits, therefore each day is spent developing confidence and resilience in the family home. Great Southern Groodle puppies begin early toilet training, crate training, loose lead walking and so much more. Training is positive and filled with gentle handling and lots of love.

Puppies are assessed at 6 weeks old by a Specialist Assistance and Therapy Dog Trainer.  Puppies that are suitable for therapy work are hand selected and matched to a suitable family.

Considerable time is spent getting to know each family, especially their lifestyle and expectations. Vicky helps each family prepare for a new dog and she provides ongoing support for the life of the dog.

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