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Updated 25/10/23: Dr Chaandini is booked up for new ADHD and autism clients until September 2024. The Dokotela systems don't allow you to book any further in advance, however appointments will open up for the latter part of September 2024 as they progress through the year. They are keeping a waitlist. For review appointments (for patients already with a treatment plan), ADHD and autism appointments, her next availability is December 2023. General and adolescent psychiatry appointments are available with other practitioners within the week - these are a great option for families waiting for ADHD appointments. In these appointments your child or teen can receive an assessment on anxiety, depression and general mental health.

For patients who don't require stimulants and require psychiatry for conditions other than ADHD or ASD, Dokotela have Dr Joan Haliburn. She is NSW-based however you can get an appointment to see her within 3 days! She is accepting patients of all ages (including adults) for eating disorders.

For 16 years and over WA-based Psychiatrist Dr Kavitha Seth is available. For new ADHD assessments, Dr Seth requires patients to have seen an ADHD coach prior. Dokotela have an ADHD coach within their network of practitioners and have advised that he is always available within two weeks.

They have 7 other child and adolescent psychiatrists on their network, and tell me they are very proactive in dividing appointments to those that require specific treatment.

Patients need a current referral from their GP or nurse practitioner (less than 12 months old). Email to

Once the referral is received Dokotela will contact the client to arrange the appointment and provide all the necessary information. They also have GP appointments via telehealth if you require a new referral for Dokotela.

Dokotela has Western Australian paediatricians and psychiatrists who are authorised stimulant prescribers in Western Australia.


Who is Dokotela?

Dokotela is an Australian owned and operated company making specialist care more accessible by connecting patients across Australia with specialist doctors and clinicians through a secure online booking and video-conferencing platform.

Who are their practitioners?
You can read about all of their practitioners here:

Their WA-based doctors are:

Dr Chaandini Subramaniam, Paediatrician

Dr Kavita Seth, Psychiatrist (16 years +) must see ADHD coach first before ADHD assessment, Dokotela have an ADHD coach as part of their network of practitioners

Dr Katrina Marshall, Adult Psychiatrist (including ADHD for 18+ years)

Dr Abayomi Adeniyi, Adult Psychiatrist (18 years+, including autism)

Dr Aaron Frederiks, Medical Practitioner (10 years+, able to provide referrals via telehealth of the purpose of referring patients to see a Specialist if the patient is otherwise unable to obtain an appointmnet with their GP to obtain the Specialist referral.  Note that this may not be helpful if you are investigating a possible ADHD diagnosis as you will need a WA-based GP on board to take over the treatment plan who is willing to co-prescribe stimulants.)

They have 7 other child and adolescent psychiatrists on their network, and tell me they are very proactive in dividing appointments to those that require specific treatment. Therefore, they are all over the distribution of patients to the correct specialists optimising the Doctor's time and continuing their shorter wait times.

Can they prescribe Schedule 8 Drugs in WA?
Luckily for us, Dokotela have doctors who are AUTHORISED stimulant prescribers for Western Australia.

So if your child required Schedule 8 medications such as Ritalin, Dexamphetamine or Vyvanse, they can write scripts that can be dispensed in Western Australia.

How many appointments are needed?
You will usually need two appointments for assessment of ADHD or autism.

For AuADHD diagnosis (Autism and ADHD as co-occurring conditions) then you will likely need three appointments.

How does it work?

Initial consultation: Usually takes one hour as the doctor takes background information and a medical history.  They will discuss the diagnosis process with you.

You have the option of completing the initial consultation from your GP's office if you prefer or you can do this at home.  Many families find their child is more comfortable at home and able to show up more authentically than in a strange environment.

The doctor will form an initial view of diagnosis and may provide questionnaires to collect information from parents and teachers.

Your GP will be required to complete any physical examination that cannot be conducted via telehealth.  A checklist is provided by Dokotela for this.

Follow up appointments: at the second appointment the doctor will review any findings from the physical examination and parent / teacher questionnaire responses.  If the doctor has formed a diagnosis they will share this with you and work to develop a treatment plan for your GP to implement.

A third appointment may be required if the presentation is complex or if there are co-occurring conditions that require diagnosis such as autism and ADHD.

How much does it cost?
View their fees here:

How do I get a referral?
You require a GP referral made out to Dokotela and emailed to The team will then match you with a practitioner and arrange your appointment.  They also have a WA-based GP who can write a referral for you.

Shared care
Your referring GP will be expected to share care with the paediatrician or psychiatrist and must be willing to co-prescribe under the treatment plan.

If medication dosage or type requires a change then the GP can request a review of the treatment plan.  GPs are not currently authorised in Western Australia to change the type or dose or Schedule 8 stimulant medications.  This requires the approval of a WA authorised stimulant prescriber.

More about Dokotela

Our team of doctors and staff have significant clinical and medical practice administration experience, ensuring patients and practitioners receive the highest quality of service and outcomes.

Telehealth consultations are available for children’s psychiatric services. Telehealth allows for remote access to mental health professionals, providing convenient and flexible options for families. Dokotela, for example, offers telehealth consultations alongside face-to-face sessions, making mental health support easily accessible across different locations.

Psychiatrists can provide support for:

Depression and anxiety

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Psychosis and Schizophrenia

Eating disorders

Adolescent Psychiatry



Referrals to include:

GP referral, If the GP is willing to co-prescribe stimulant medication (if required)

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