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Update: 16th April 2024- Books open for occupational therapy and parent coaching after hours services.

Updated 27 September 2023: At full capacity. Books now closed for 2023. If you are interested in working with Natalee in 2024, please email her with an Expression of Interest. As places open up they will be in touch with those on the waitlist.

Diversum Occupational Therapy opened on Monday 4 September 2023 and is accepting new clients from aged 8 to 80+. Appointments subject to availability. The following link is for existing Diversum Occupational Therapy clients to manage their appointments.


Diversum Health Group is a unique mental health and wellbeing service located in Fremantle for Neurodivergent people across the lifespan (8yrs-80yrs+).

Owned and operated by Natalee Blakemore, a neurodivergent occupational therapist who brings her professional experience in supporting clients in therapy, as well as a lived experience of being neurodivergent.

Diversum Health Group celebrates and affirms the strengths of all neurotypes, whilst also respecting the challenges that neurodivergent people can face in daily life.

Diversum Health Group supports people with their individual goals, including:

Executive functioning development- school/home/work/self organisation and management, focus and concentration, time management, task initiation.

Emotional regulation- autistic burnout, stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm (sensory, emotional, cognitive, social, environmental, physical), meltdowns/shutdowns.

Social and relationship development- in your home, school, work, and community.

Self-esteem/identity- Support in advocating for yourself in your environments, gender identity.


Sensory Profile and report: May 2024 Promotion to be completed in May 2024.

The sensory profile and information gathered from you, can be compiled into a report to inform you and other stakeholders about your/or your child's unique sensory processing preferences. The assessment report will offer recommendations on sensory supports for you/ or your child that can assist with emotional regulation in the context of home, work, school, and the community.

NDIS Functional Capacity assessment and report:

A Functional Capacity Assessment is completed to inform the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) what your/or your child's current needs are from a physical, cognitive, and psychosocial framework.

Diversum Health Group does not complete functional capacity assessments for home modifications or specialist disability accomodation (SDA).

NDIS progress report:

This a summary report that can be presented by the participant or participant's family when there is a plan review to inform the NDIS of progress and development in working towards NDIS goals.

Contact if you are interested in the above assessments. We will send you an itemised quote about the process, time, and cost involved with these assessments.


Initial Session: Child/Adolescent Client

It is very important to Diversum OT that your child/adolescent's therapy journey with us begin with a parent only session so that our OT can obtain information regarding the mental health and well-being of your child/adolescent prior to the OT seeing them. At this session you will be invited to collaborate with the OT on some therapy goals that will support your child and family.

Initial Session: Adult Client

The initial session is an information gathering session to assist the OT to learn more about your unique life experiences, neurotype differences, strengths and challenges. This is a great foundation in developing your individualised therapy goals for subsequent sessions.

Subsequent sessions: Child/Adolescent Client

The OT sessions are conducted in the therapy room with the child/adolescent and the OT. Parents/caregivers are welcome to sit in our beautiful waiting area. The OT may talk to the parent/caregiver for 5 minutes before or after the session, if and when required.

It is recommended that every fourth session is a parent only session so that you can have the opportunity to ask the OT questions, share relevant information about their growth and development, and discuss strategies that can support your child/adolescent and family.

Session duration is 50 minutes, with 10 minutes for documentation.

Subsequent Session: Adult

Session duration is 50 minutes, with 10 minutes for documentation.

Telehealth Sessions: Child/Adolescent/Adults

We are able to provide telehealth sessions if you are unable to attend a face-to-face session. Please inform the OT if this is your preference for therapy prior to your appointment. You will be provided with a link regarding your access of the session.




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Child, adolescent and adult therapy sessions
Assessments for handwriting, fine and gross motor skills
Functional Capacity Assessment
NDIS progress reports
Telehealth available for those unable to visit practice for face-to-face sessions

Referral information

No referral required. Email Nat to enquire about availability.

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