Embark on an extraordinary journey at Camp Curiosity, specifically crafted for gifted, twice-exceptional (2E), and curious children in Grades 1-7. Camp Curiosity is dedicated to celebrating the unique talents and potential of each child, providing an environment that nurtures a love for learning, encourages exploration, and fosters personal growth. Our mission is to inspire a community of learners to have fun while embracing their curiosity, developing critical thinking skills, and cultivating resilience, creativity, and innovation

🗓️ Participants don't need to attend all days - pick and choose whatever combo works best for you.

✉️ Our kiddos are beautiful asynchronous bundles and we love working with parents to make our events as accessible as possible for all our participants. It's one of our core values. Please contact us if you have any questions or we can be of assistance with accommodations for your child.

🚀 Activities & Highlights:

🌟 Free Play: Begin and conclude each day with a session of Free Play, offering a relaxed and informal atmosphere for campers to engage in self-directed play, explore their surroundings, and build social connections.

🖐 Philoso-Brick™️: Engage in philosophical thinking with the innovative Philoso-Brick™️ program, utilising LEGO® as a medium. This multisensory activity incorporates the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology and philosophical inquiry to stimulate creativity, critical thinking, and executive functioning skills.

🤝 Community Sessions: Strengthen teamwork and collaborative skills during Community Sessions, where campers face various challenges, drawing upon each other’s strengths and learning effective communication to solve problems and complete tasks.

🎨 Creativity Sessions: Ignite imagination and artistic abilities in Creativity Sessions, focusing on hands-on activities that promote experimentation, design thinking, and active mindfulness.

🔍 Curiosity Sessions: Spark curiosity and encourage exploration in these sessions, beginning each with a 'big question' and leading campers on a journey of discovery and investigation.

🧩 BreakoutEDU: Dive into an immersive gaming experience with BreakoutEDU, solving puzzles and challenges to open a locked box under a time limit, requiring critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.

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