We have reached minimum numbers, big thanks to the families who have expressed an interest already and shown their support. Kelly will be visiting Albany from 26-30 August 2024.

Send in your EOI so you don't miss out on a spot!

Albany families, we have very, very exciting news!!! We've heard from you that you need assessments for your kids.

So we have found a lovely and super experienced Clinical Psychologist who can come visit! As in close to 20 years completing assessments for DSF and a private psychology practice in Perth.

But now her kiddos are grown, she's open to travelling to complete regional assessments and we said LOCK ALBANY IN!!!

If you are interested in any of the following assessments please complete the EOI linked below that's on Kelly's website.
Assessments will be completed in the mornings when children are at their freshest.

If there's lots of interest, we will organise more visits. And if there are more private services for children's mental health, development and wellbeing that you need let us know. I'm sure we can find more lovely folks willing to visit regularly!

Pia & Kate
Perth Kids Hub X The Darcy Effect

***Flourish Assessment & Consultancy***
Kelly Fullarton is a clincial psychologist with extensive expertise in the area of assessments and learning disorders, and works with children, adolescents and adults.

Kelly is dedicated to providing comprehensive, accessible and affirmative assessments, guiding individuals and their families to better understand what truly makes them unique, and how to best support them in creating an environment where they can thrive and flourish.

Kelly can complete the following assessments:

✅ Autism
✅ Dyslexia
✅ Dysgraphia
✅ Dyscalculia
✅ Intellectual Giftedness
✅ Intellectual Disability

Kelly is both a Clinical Psychologist AND experienced in autism assessments.  This means that if you receive a diagnosis of autism Level 2 or Level 3 you can apply for access to the NDIS with this report.  It only requires concurrence by a paediatrician if the diagnosis is provisional or there is co-occuring ADHD and you wish to investigate medication.  The WA Department of Education does require that a second medical provider concur with the diagnosis to request an Individual Disability Allocation for school.  However, with a Clinical Psychologist this can be through a Speech Pathologist OR an Occupational Therapist experienced in autism assessments.  Read the full guidance on what is required in WA to get support for an autism diagnosis here.

Request a regional assessment:

Full info on assessments, prices etc is available here:

  • 222 Chester Pass Road, Walmsley Western Australia 6330, Australia

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