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Ability Now Therapy Services

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Immediate availability for occupational therapy services across Western Australia!


Occupational therapist at ability now therapy services are experienced, committed to supreme quality services with live experience of developmental disability.

We expertise in empowering and enskilling individuals with different abilities including those on:

  • Autism spectrum, ADHD, Downs and other syndromes, global developmental delays.

We are analyse strengths and barriers and develop therapy intervention for:

  • Sensory-emotional regulation, self care skills, social skills, attention and problem solving skills, literacy (decoding and handwriting) skills, gross and fine motor skills
  • We coach caregivers including families, support workers, teachers to built capacity towards independence in everyday functions at home, school and in the community.
  • We conduct comprehensive assessment and craft detail-oriented report to include iota of details as required by NDIS to recommend supports, services from other professionals, assistive devices, home modification or alternate housing options (ILO/SIL/SDA) as tailored to your needs.

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Functional Capacity Assessments
Sensory integration
Every day life skills intervention
Handwriting intervention
Fine motor training
Social skills training
Cognitive skills training
Emotional regulation
Behaviour support

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