Children’s nurse practitioners can help if you have concerns about your child’s development or behaviour

I’m a little embarrassed to admit, but when Stephanie from Just Kids Health asked me if I knew what a nurse practitioner was … I went straight to Mel from Virgin River.

(Which if you haven’t watched the soapy series where Mel arrives in Virgin River to be their new nurse practitioner, it is worth watching just to lust after Mel’s gorgeous hair … or Jack if he’s your cup of tea.)

You see, Stephanie runs a nurse practitioner practice in Success called Just Kids Health. They provide in-clinic and telehealth support for families across Western Australia.

I’m embarrassed to admit that my only experience of nurse practitioners previously was of Mel on Virgin River.

Stephanie is super passionate about making sure families are getting the best support they can and the role that Nurse Practitioners can play in that. We had a chat one evening and got so carried away chatting about child development that the free Zoom call ran out of time.

It turns out that children’s Nurse Practitioners can help with everything from developmental and behavioural concerns to feeding, eczema, asthma and weight management.

This is children’s nurse practitioner Stephanie who runs Just Kids Health in Success.

Stephanie said they often see families where the child’s teacher or school has raised a concern about their development.

They provide longer developmental consults (~40 minutes) to really take time with the family to unpack what is going on and to find useful strategies to move forward.

This may include screening for autism or ADHD, referral to early childhood support or other specialists. Or just reassurance that they are doing just fine.

All the nurse practitioners are experts in child development, being advanced paediatric nurses who have completed a master’s degree and additional child health studies. They are parents themselves and they get how parenting can be both wonderful AND the hardest thing you’ll ever do.

You can book an appointment with Just Kids Health on their website.

Between them the nurse practitioners have 120 years of experience nursing children across areas such as development, behaviour, Aboriginal and rural health. There are only 2-3 practices like Just Kids Health in Australia.

Stephanie was super excited about the proposed changes that will give Nurse Practitioners an even greater role in supporting families.

These include:

👍 empowering clinical nurse specialists to work to their full scope of practice to speed up initial access to care for children with suspected ADHD;

👍 piloting a joint nurse/paediatrician medication review process;

👍 collaborative medical assessments as part of the new autism guidelines.

It’s a busy little clinic that spends a lot of time helping families both in the area and via telehealth to navigate all the complex systems required to ensure the best for their child’s health and development. All led-by experienced and compassionate Nurse Practitioners.

Just Kids Health, Suite 14, Level 1, 11 Wentworth Parade, Success

Phone: (08) 6243 1711

Appointments: book online for a clinic or telehealth appointment at:

Just Kids Health is a mixed billing practice.

Healthcare Card/Pension Card holders are Bulk Billed.

For everyone else there is an out-of-pocket fee with a Medicare rebate.


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