Are you looking for an adhd assessment in perth?

ADHD Assessment Services

Psychologists can assess for ADHD along with other common co-occurring conditions such as Dyslexia, Dsygraphia and Dyscalculia. 

They complete comprehensive assessments and provide detailed reports with recommendations for supporting your child at home and school.  These reports can help you understand your child’s strengths and areas that may require additional support such as time management, getting started on or finishing a task or considering consequences of an action.  

Reports can be helpful in requesting reasonable adjustments for the school environment and assessments.

Psychologists cannot prescribe medication.  If you wish to explore medication options for ADHD you will need to see either a paediatrician or a child and adolescent psychiatrist.  Wait lists are extremely long in both the public and private systems.  You can read more on availability of paediatricians here.

ADHD Assessments in Perth (North of the River)

Find psychologists who can complete ADHD assessments for children and teens in Perth's northern suburbs including: Subiaco, Butler, Edgewater, Leederville, Shenton Park, East Perth and Nedlands.

ADHD Assessment Services (Perth, South of the River)

Find psychologists who can complete ADHD assessments for children and teens in Perth's northern suburbs including: Mount Pleasant, South Perth, Meadow Springs, Canning Vale, Armadale and Success.

What's On

Find workshops, conferences and group programs related to ADHD.

Resources to help

Written by Perth ADHD advocate, PhD Candidate, Mum and all-round superwoman Lou Brown this guide takes the Australian evidence-based clinical practice guideline for ADHD and translates it to plain English.

Want to learn more about ADHD?  Check out this YouTube channel for all things ADHD.   Jessica shares all the strategies she’s learned about having and living with ADHD. It’s also grown into an amazing community of brains (and hearts!) who support and help each other. Anyone looking to learn more about ADHD is welcome here!

An AADPA webinar by Perth’s Lou Brown and Dr Kelly Fullarton discussing current myths and misconceptions about Specific Learning Disorders.

Useful Websites

For practical tips

US-based but up-to-date and easy to read resources for parents, webinars, podcasts, magazine and screening tools.

For resources

Huge range of resources from this US-based charity that supports those who learn and think differently.

For advice

A paid membership is required to access most content and benefits including assessments, peer support groups, training and group programs.

For resources

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) is a US-based organisation with lots of resources to help understand ADHD.

For parents

Perth’s own Lou Brown has developed a wonderful website filled with tips for parents on understanding ADHD, diagnosis and treatment.  

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